In order to commemorate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia, and promote 2020 to be the year of Malaysia-China Cultural Tourism. NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd has successfully held the launching ceremony of “Ju Hua China” Malaysia site painting competition, and the filming of “Walk Around Malaysia Through Microfilm”, in response to the 45th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations and “2020 year of Malaysia-China Cultural Tourism”, at Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur on March 31, 2019. More than 100 guests present at the event, among those were officers from various departments of Malaysian government, leaders of various chambers of commerce, and entrepreneurs from China and Malaysia.


During this event, the launching ceremony was officiated by YB Tan Kok Wai, Malaysia Special Envoy to China, Mr. Feng Jun on behalf of H.E. Mr. Bai Tian, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia, and Mr. Surya Kurma Subramaniam, Senior Principal Assistant Secretary of International Relation Division of Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.


NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd specially planned the following two major exchange events related to the cultural and tourism fields.


First, in conjunction with the “Malaysia-China Cultural Tourism Year 2020”, NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd being the local high-tech media and public relations company in Malaysia, hopes to use its own media expertise to improve the brand positioning of Malaysia in the global arena. During the launching ceremony, NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Shengli Lai Culture Development Co Ltd, to co-plan and carry out the “Walk around Malaysia through Microfilm” 101 microfilm reality shows shooting. NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd will invite some renowned media figures from Malaysia and China to participate in the filming and showcase Malaysia’s tourist attractions, business culture, education, investment, medical environment and local cuisines through reality shows in different microfilms. These microfilms serve as visual spectacle to display the unique tourist attractions in Malaysia, showcase the firsthand experience of eating, playing and living, and deepen the Chinese audience’s understanding of Malaysia’s indigenous cultural roots.





Secondly, NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd is the exclusive contest organizer of KIDS ARTISTS in Malaysia. KIDS ARTISTS is special art contest targeted at children aged between 2-15. NQCC has kicked off a major contest for community welfare in Malaysia, namely KIDS ARTISTS’s “Ju Hua China” on the same day. Embedded with the theme “Little gratitude for a greater world”, the children’s painting works will be showcased in more than 180 cities in China to stimulate the cultural exchanges of both nations in art. NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd is also promoting the mutual exchange and mutual assistance between Malaysia and China in art and culture by inculcating the 4 pillar principles of “cherish”, “grateful”, “creative” and “innovative” to Malaysian children so that they will always be concerned for the well-being of others, help the community in need and give back to the society. In additions, this contest also helps to expand the horizon of Malaysian youths and enables the youths to gain more exposure in the international arena.


NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd is planning to establish a “Malaysia-China Cultural Exchange Platform” together with its strategic partner, Shanghai Shengli Lai Cultural Development Co Ltd, in which both parties will join forces by combining the domestic and foreign expertise, to set up a professional production team for microfilm shooting. These microfilms will then be broadcasted in major TV channels in China, social platform, video platform, Weibo, and web portals. With such holistic and comprehensive media coverage, it will pave a way for the brand positioning of Malaysia and attract more tourists from all over the world to visit Malaysia.

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